Boeing 737-400

GainJet Aviation S.A.
Class Airliner
Max. passengers 64
Year of production 1991 lock icon PRO
Serial number 25423
Homebase LGAV (ATH), Eleftherios Venizelos Intl
Cabin height 2.15 m
Cabin width 3.54 m
Cabin length 28.29 m
Luggage volume 38.50 m³
2013 refurbished
Cabin crew
Hot meal
Wireless internet
Satellite phone
Entertainment system
Our VIP Boeing 737-400 Executive Airliner was recently refurbished in 2013 and has been designed to maximize passenger convenience, comfort and safety.
It has been recreated into a highly luxurious and comfortable aircraft. The spacious and large cabin can accommodate 64 passengers in Club Class seats, ensuring lavish comfort for all passengers.
The aircraft has a 5 Tons maximum baggage hold capacity allowing us to carry all our passengers’ luggage, including bulky items like sports kits or band equipment.
The VIP Boeing B737-400 has a maximum flight range of 9 hours, which makes all types of intercontinental travel very accessible. This includes, for example, non-stop flights like Dubai to London or New York to Paris. The aircraft is equipped with a state-of-the-art “quick change” auxiliary fuel system, which provides a flexible configuration for range vs. baggage hold capacity. We are able to maximize either range or baggage capacity, or we can opt for a balanced configuration. It is customizable to best fit the mission, based on our passengers’ requirements and preferences.
Our VIP Boeing B737 is suitable for a variety of clients, including groups who wish to travel together in comfort; corporate or business missions; incentive or reward travel; sports team or VIP fan transport; and enabling efficient and comfortable movement of cast, crew and equipment for music tours or movie productions.