Cessna Citation II

Silverhawk Aviation Inc.
Class Light
Max. passengers 7
Year of production 1982 lock icon PRO
Serial number 550-0341
Homebase KLNK (LNK), Lincoln
Cabin height 1.46 m
Cabin width 1.49 m
Cabin length 4.88 m
Luggage volume 2.16 m³
Last seen KEAU, Chippewa Valley Regl
Wireless internet
Range: 1,400 miles
Cruising Speed: 410 mph
Max Cruising Altitude: 43,000 ft
Wi-Fi equipped with talk and text service
New, custom paint
Refreshment center with premium snacks and beverages
Fully enclosed lavatory with extra storage space
Your Silverhawk team standing by to handle any special requests