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Cessna Citation CJ3+

Class Light
Max. passengers 8
Serial number 711
Cabin height 1.45 m
Cabin width 1.47 m
Cabin length 4.78 m
Luggage volume 1.84 m³
Cessna launched the Citation CJ3 in 2004 as a replacement to the hugely successful Citation Bravo, whose production ended in 2006 after nearly 10 years. Awarded the ‘Best of the Best’ award in the Light Jets category in June 2011 for the third consecutive year, the CJ3 is hugely popular thanks to its excellent combination of reliability, performance and comfort. It is over a metre longer than the CJ2+, providing a much more spacious interior which caters for up to 7 passengers in a Club 4 arrangement, an extra 2 seats at the rear of the cabin and 1 in front of the door. There is also a small seat in front of the door, suitable for a child. In addition to its improved interior, the CJ3 also features an upgraded engine and extended wings, giving it a higher maximum cruise speed, greater range and increased efficiency than the CJ2+. Fast and comfortable, this award-winning Light Business Jet is an excellent option for any short-haul flight.