Airest AS
Class Cargo
Year of production 2000 lock icon Premium
Serial number 7452
Homebase EETN (TLL), Lennart Meri
This freighter has a class - E compartment with 8 ULD positions. Equipped with 238 x 195 cm main deck cargo door.
CRJ200SF fits 8 units of 88-inch pallets, offering a cargo volume of 41,1 m3. This is equivalent to 11 units of LD-3F containers.
The reliable General Electric CF34 turbofan engines will deliver 200% faster than a turboprop.
Custom 1.75” Ancra cargo loading system saves precious turnaround time. Get wheels off the ground before others do.
2,38 x 1,95 m cargo door enables us to
Transport outsized cargo
Build big pallets for maximum volume efficiency
Speed up the turnaround