Learjet 35A

Fox Flight Air Ambulance
Cabin: h: 1.32m / w: 1.50m / l: 5.87m
Medical ramp
Adult critical care
Aeromedical transport is a demanding aviation application with multiple considerations, including aircraft speed, range, durability and cabin ergonomics. Fox Flight’s air ambulance fleet consists of Lear 35A and 36A jets that strike a perfect balance between these essential elements. Fox Flight air ambulances possess the speed and range needed to complete international patient transfers quickly and efficiently. They are durable and dependable, allowing Fox Flight to offer consistent round-the-clock service for its clients. Finally, they have specially configured cabins that are designed specifically for aeromedical transport, guaranteeing maximum comfort for the patient at all points during transfer and easy access to monitors and other equipment for the medical crew.
max. passengers 2
year of production 1980
serial number 35-309