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Regional Air Services

charter operator

Upon its establishment in 1998, REGIONAL AIR SERVICES was one of the first and few private aviation operators in Romania.
In 1999, REGIONAL AIR SERVICES took over the Utility Air Force in Tuzla, thus becoming the first private airport in Romania. This way, the operational offer is strengthened by the airport services offer.

With a 36 ha area, the airport has two grass runaways, 4 heliports, a 1200 sqm hangar, two administrative buildings (A+B), a new administrative building (C) for instruction purposes – including flight school and sea survival school, a B 732 series 300 simulator – for ground instruction of crew, fire training simulator – for fire fighting and self-save, FNPT II simulator for the flight school, fuel storage – with 200.000 litters capacity – new fuels storage being build now, annexes and car park and parking area.

phone +40 754 070 553
fax +40 241 733 450
Tuzla Alexandru Podgoreanu Airport, cod 907295
Constanta, Romania