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AvSky Corporation

aircraft dealer

Aircraft Sales, Acquisitions and Consulting

AvSky Jets is an aircraft sales and acquisition firm specializing in the Cessna Citation, King Air, Hawker & Bombardier Lear Jet Families. Our industry leading market research, creative and innovative marketing and our powerful network of contacts makes AvSky Jets the ideal choice when buying or selling a turbine aircraft. Our team offers years of combined experience, a strong reputation of integrity and a vast knowledge of the industry.

AvSky Jets buys, sells, trades, and brokers aircraft, determines accurate market valuations, facilitates every aspect of an aircraft transaction including inspections, negotiations, import/export arrangements, financing, etc. markets aircraft in traditional outlets and with strategic word-of-mouth campaigns, maintains a vast network of related professionals, so that every aspect of aviation management is at the clients’ fingertips.

phone +1 941 882 5391
304 W. Venice Ave Ste. 208
Venice, United States
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