Antonov Airlines

charter operator

Founded in 1989 and operating 365 days a year, Antonov Airlines is the national cargo operator of Ukraine and sole operator of the world-famous AN-225 ‘MRIYA’. It is also: 

1. the world’s only cargo airline able to offer payloads ranging from 4,500kg to 250,000kg; 

2. the only AN-124-100 operator to provide an increased payload up to 150,000 kg; 

3. the only airline to use a Flight Manager on every flight 

4. experienced – having created, developed and led the AN-124-100 market since 1989; 

5. efficient – providing a seamless customer experience from quotation to delivery; 

6. effective – always providing round-the-clock solutions, updates and technical advice.

phone +380 44 454 0204
fax +380 44 454 2852
1, Akademika Tupoleva Str., 03062
Kiev, Ukraine