Cashback Terms and Conditions

1. Cashback starts working from February, 5 and until the moment Aviapages notifies about its finish.

2. All participants of the action accept the offer of these terms and conditions.

3. To receive cashback of 100 Euros a broker must:
- request a flight via Aviapages' Charter Request
- confirm it with the operator
- perform a flight or part of a flight under a contract with an operator
- send the request ID of the performed flight to
- operators’ manager must send the same request ID of the same performed flight to
- wait for the cashback confirmation from Aviapages on account profile page

4. Cashback does not take into account flights made between a broker and an operator having any conflict of interests at the discretion of Aviapages.

5. Payment to the user is made when the cashback amount on one account is at least 300 euros.

6. If there's any form of fraud and / or collusion between the operator and the broker participating in the cashback - has the right not to accrue cashback, to cancel the already accrued cashback or to demand the return of the already paid cashback in accordance with the legislation of the countries of the broker and operator registration.

7. Aviapages reserves the right not to charge cashback without giving reasons.