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The Cessna Citation X is famously known as the world’s fastest private jet

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The Cessna Citation X is famously known as the world’s fastest private jet.

Powered by two Rolls-Royce engines, it’s capable of reaching top speeds of up to 690–705 mph (Mach 0.90–0.92); passengers can enjoy a flight range of 3,700 miles at normal cruising speeds of 525 knots (600 mph).

The Citation X the fastest way for business travellers and luxury jetsetters to reach their destinations, travelling at an approximate rate of 1 mile every 6 seconds, and shaving a full 30 minutes off of cross country flights.

In addition to impressive performance and range, this midsize business jet offers a luxurious, well-appointed cabin with seating for up to 8. A plush interior is highlighted by polished wooden finishes, and exceptional headroom is provided with room to stand and move about the cabin comfortably during a flight.

Additional amenities include a spacious lavatory, a full galley, and a pressurized & heated 82 cubic foot baggage compartment for your luggage, golf clubs, ski equipment, or whatever else you want to bringing.

With a range of up to 6 hours it's capable of flying you from Manchester to Tel Aviv direct.

Source: falconaprivatejets