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Now available for charter

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Now available for charter. The VVIP Embraer Lineage 1000 is the first choice of an ultra-large jet in terms of comfort. It is unique that the jet can even land on strongly regulated airports, such as London City and Teterboro, New Jersey, despite its size.

Up to 19 passengers find ample space in five cabin zones (2m standing height) that can be individually configured on board the Lineage 1000. In the exclusive master suite, you can feel at home – walk-in showers and queen size bed included.

Intelligently designed working areas, high-speed internet access and in-flight connectivity (wireless telephone, iPod dock, printer and fax). With the digital HD media connection, you can follow up on news, share prices, sports and weather during your flight.

100% more cabin than a Global 5000

83% more cabin than a Global 6000

65% more baggage volume than both Global types.

Source: falconaprivatejets