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Mauritius: All transit flights to/from Mauritius through Madagascar must pass disinfection at Ivato International Airport (FMMI) 13 NOV17-130218. Impact: Slight.

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NOTAM A1445/17 parsed by Aviapages NOTAM decoder: Valid from: 13 Nov 2017 1502 UTC Valid till: 13 Feb 2018 2359 UTC (Estimated, Valid until cancelled or replaced) NOTAM message ANY FLIGHT IN TRANSIT OR FROM MAURITIUS WHICH WANT TO ENTER MADAGASCAR MUST MANDATORILY PASS THROUGH IVATO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT AS A GATEWAY IN ORDER TO PERFORM A SPECIFIC CONTROL AT THE ARRIVAL BY DISINFECTING ALL PASSENGERS ON THE CARPET AND SPRAYING HAND BAGGAGE, LUGGAGE AND ALL MATERIALS DISEMBARKING FROM AIRCRAFT ALL DEBRIS OTHER THAN BAGGAGE MUST BE PLACED IN A BIN FOR DISINFECTION AND DESTRUCTION PURPOSES. Area of influence: 20.1S 48.15E, R 1850 km (999 NM) More details: This NOTAM (ID A1445) issued in 2017 replaces NOTAM (ID A0977) issued in 2017 Purpose: Immediate attention, PIB entry, Operationally significant for IFR flights Scope: En-Route Significant for IFR and VFR traffic