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EBBR Brussels National, EBCI Brussels South, EBLG Liege, Belgium: Reduced capacities due to National strike 12-13 FEB19. Impact: Moderate.

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"There is a National strike call in Belgium for public services on 13 February.
We are informed that there will be further negotiations on Monday the 11th.
If there is no agreement between the parties, ATC services will be impacted.
NM is informed that meeting was going to take place today.
According to the latest update of participation for the National strike,Skeyes(Belgian ANSP) has decided to reduce capacities  of en-route sectors as well as arrivals to EBBR (Brussels),EBCI (Charleroi) and EBLG (Liege ) airport by 50 % starting from 2100 UTC on 12/02/19 until 2100 UTC on 13/02/2019. "