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2001 Cessna Citation Excel S/N: 560-5207 R/N: N999GD with TTAF:5,998 is for sale by Meisner Aircraft, Inc.

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2001 XL Trade-In Opportunity under $3M IADA - If you have anyone looking for a great opportunity on a fully equipped 2001 XL with ALL the options, contact me immediately. Meisner will own the attached/below aircraft in about 10 days, and we can make a good opportunity for both you and your client. It gets physically delivered to us April 15th at Cessna – Milwaukee Service Center for a post-closing pre-buy/perfect opportunity for your buyer. We can pay your commission of not engaged with your buyer. Aircraft is gorgeous and no excuses in records, history, or cosmetics.

Price: Contact Broker

Source: Aircraftexchange