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Cessna Citation XLS+

Cessna Aircraft Company

Class Midsize
Max passengers 9
Typical Speed 790.804 km/h
427 kts
Range 3913 km
2113 nmi
Cabin height 1.73 m
Cabin width 1.68 m
Cabin length 5.64 m
Luggage volume 2.6 m³
The mid-sized Citation XLS derived from the Citation Excel, but could go faster and further. The Citation XLS+ is an improved version of the already successful Citation XLS, featuring better performance capabilities by way of upgraded engines.

The Citation XLS+ is technically a mid-sized jet – its cabin length is 18.7 feet and it can fly up to 1,858 nautical miles; however, it can also take off in 3,560 feet and climb to cruise altitude in just 15 minutes, performance statistics reminiscent of light private jets. At any rate, the XLS+ boasts excellent handling capabilities, reliable systems, and consistent delivery of smooth, quick flights.

The 5.7 feet high interior of the XLS+ holds nine passengers in a cabin that’s quiet and draft-free, due to the triple-sealed entry door and triple-pane windows. Details like fold-out tables, sliding headrests, and seats two to four inches wider than in previous models make flying comfortable. A couch (rated to takeoff/landing safety standards) comes standard. Indirect LED lighting is installed to give the cabin a roomier, more natural feel and comes with the benefits of producing less heat and lasting longer. An external compartment provides 80 cubic feet of storage space, along with an additional 10 cubic feet in an internal closet.

This private jet boasts a maximum cruise speed of 431 knots and can climb at a rate of 3,500 fps at sea level. It can take off on runways as short as 3,560 feet – one of the shortest takeoff distance of any midsized jet.

The XLS+ outperforms competing private jets and its predecessor due largely to its two Pratt & Whitney high bypass engines. The Citation XLS+ comes standard with two air conditioning systems to ensure that the cabin remains comfortable, even in the most extreme outside temperatures. A long-travel trailing link landing gear ensures smooth landings and taxiing.

In short, the Citation XLS is a solid, reliable private jet that can take you anywhere a mid-sized jet can. Its comfort, performance and reliability match Cessna’s high standards in private jet travel.


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