Class VIP airliner
Max. passengers 27
Year of production 2012 lock icon Premium
Serial number 40117
Homebase OMDW (DWC), Dubai World Central Intl
Cabin height 2.16 m
Cabin width 3.53 m
Cabin length 24.13 m
3 divan seats
Cabin crew
Hot meal
Wireless internet
Introducing Longtail Aviation’s Boeing Business Jet (BBJ). With a range over 6000NM, this aircraft will get you, and your team, where you need to be in the time you need to be there by. This Ultra VIP airliner is configured to meet the needs of the fast-paced life of modern day executives. With 26 belted seats, and a sleeping configuration set for 18; this aircraft outperforms any other private aviation aircraft.