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Saab 340B

Cargo Union (CU)
Class Airliner
Max. passengers 34
Year of production 1989 lock icon PRO
Serial number 340B-167
Homebase EPKT (KTW), Katowice-Pyrzowice
Cabin crew
Hot meal
The Saab 340B is a favorite among airline passengers due to its flexibility, comfort and reliable performance. With about half the operating costs of a regional jet, the 340B can offer services in a variety of markets, both large and small, using short runways from 1100m long.
Propeller ground clearance: 0,51 m
Max cruise speed: 283 kt (524 kmh)
MTOW: 13.155 KG
Full Fuel Range (24pax): 2500 km
Full Payload Range (34pax): 840 km