Eclipse 550

MaliAIR Luftverkehr Gmbh
Class Light
Max. passengers 4
Year of production 2016 lock icon PRO
Serial number 550-1003
Homebase LOWG (GRZ), Graz
Cabin height 1.27 m
Cabin width 1.42 m
Cabin length 3.76 m
Last seen LOWW, Schwechat
ECLIPSE 550 is an improved version of the Eclipse 500 and is six-seat, twin-engine jet-powered aircraft. The Eclipse 550 is certified for single-pilot operation. Eclipse 550 is the greenest twin jet on the market with a chapter 4 noise certificate. This allows landing in the night which is not possible with the mainstream chapter 3 noise certified aircraft.
Crew: one or two pilots
Capacity: 3 to 4 passengers
Cruise speed: 430 mph (690 km/h, 370 kn)
Range: 1,275 mi (2358 km)
Service ceiling: 41,000 ft (12,000 m)