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HB-JGE priority

Global Express XRS

TAG Aviation
Class Ultra long range
Max. passengers 14
Year of production 2008
Serial number 9287
Homebase LSGG (GVA), Geneva
Cabin height 1.91m
Cabin width 2.49m
Cabin length 14.74m
Luggage volume 5.52m³
360° view Link
3 divan seats
Beds (sleeping places): 6 (8)
Cabin crew
Hot meal
Wireless internet
Satellite phone
Entertainment system
Pets allowed
The Global Express XRS was designed to fly incredible distances at fast airspeeds. It can fly nonstop between intercontinental destination pairs such as Sydney and Los Angeles.
The Global Express XRS is capable of transporting a crew of 4 and 8 passengers, non-stop from Tokyo to New York under average weather and wind conditions in an incredible time of 12 hours! The entire world is in the palm of your hand aboard this incredible aircraft.