Falcon 2000

Blu Halkin Ltd
Class Heavy
Max. passengers 9
Year of production 1996 lock icon Premium
Serial number 25
Homebase LIMZ (CUF), Levaldigi
Cabin height 1.88 m
Cabin width 2.34 m
Cabin length 9.99 m
Luggage volume 3.71 m³
Last seen EHEH, Eindhoven
Cabin crew
Hot meal
This private jet airliner is wide-body type and is extremely versatile. It is the ideal choice for national, international or intercontinental flights.
In addition, its wide cabin interior offers a high level of on-board comfort for passengers.
Lenght: 20.23 m (66 ft 4 in)
Height: 7.06 m
Max cruise speed: Mach 0.83-0,85
Max altitude: 15,500 m (47,000 feet)